Thursday, June 11, 2009


Here’s the second drop for the Yeezy Tuxedo fitted that Hella Tight just released last night at their online shop. Similar to the first colorway they released it they’re rockin’ a 100% wool crown, perforated leather visor and button, inside lining is red satin and front logo is glow in the dark with the bear now being red. You can now pick yours up at their online shopas they will also be available in Japan at Amazing Store. Remember these are limited. Check out the detailed images after the jump.


From the wild haircuts to his recent mixtape with Yung Dro, Black Boy Swag, White Boy Tags, Yung L.A. is determined to get your attention. At the same time, L.A. doesn’t make these moves just as a way to scream “look at me”—instead, he’s simply taking advantage of coming from a generation that grew up respecting the artists that were trying to do something a little different instead of just falling in line with the same old. Growing up in Atlanta, the young Leland saw artists like Kriss Kross and Da Brat carving their own lane and made them his influences.

When Yung Dro (usually clad in a pastel tennis sweater and khakis himself) saw Yung L.A. coming out of the hood in Abercrombie, he instantly took a liking to his style and rushed to get him on the Grand Hustle roster. They released the official mixtape in anticipation of Futuristic Leland, the full solo album due out this summer. Even this early in his career, L.A. is already continuing to evolve with that title alone, insisting that his government name will soon become the one in every household.


A FLYBOY In Chi-Town released these images of the Nike Air Hoop Structure. A Hi-Top version of the popular Air Triax 91’s. It’s no secret where these pair of kicks got their inspiration from. None other than the Air Jordan 8’s (Black/Aqua/Purple) shoe colorway. No specific date was posted on when the shoe will release but you can expect to see these drop within the year, and I assure you I will keep you posted on these. Detailed pics after the jump.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009


Kobe recently collaborated with swiss high-end makers, Nubeo and created The Black Mamba MVP & The Black Mamba Ultimate. The light weight watch is made of grade 5 titanium and ceramic. Only 240 pieces are being manufactured and sold but just 24 pieces will hit the market. The number 24 represents Kobe’s Jersey number of course.

Another Classic?

According to MTV news, Rapper Jay Z is going to release his album Blueprint 3 on Roc Nation with Atlantic Records helping with the promotion on September 11th after 10 years from the first release of Blueprint 1. For right now, this is just a rumor but it seems to be true, and now he is getting ready to go on tour with Ciara this summer starting July 3rd in Las Vegas.


Former Byrd Gang rapper Max B was found guilty today for his involvement in a robbery that left one man dead.While the details have yet to be revealed, the Harlem rapper’s rep has confirmed with that a New Jersey judge has found him guilty.
It is unclear how much time he was sentenced to.Max, born Charly Wingate, was accused of being the mastermind behind a $30,000 heist targeting two wealthy men. Reportedly Max conspired with his stepbrother Kelvin Leerdam, and his girlfriend Gina Conway, who served as the prosecution’s secret weapon in the case against him. She turned on Max, testifying against Max in return for a shorter jail sentence.