Thursday, June 11, 2009


From the wild haircuts to his recent mixtape with Yung Dro, Black Boy Swag, White Boy Tags, Yung L.A. is determined to get your attention. At the same time, L.A. doesn’t make these moves just as a way to scream “look at me”—instead, he’s simply taking advantage of coming from a generation that grew up respecting the artists that were trying to do something a little different instead of just falling in line with the same old. Growing up in Atlanta, the young Leland saw artists like Kriss Kross and Da Brat carving their own lane and made them his influences.

When Yung Dro (usually clad in a pastel tennis sweater and khakis himself) saw Yung L.A. coming out of the hood in Abercrombie, he instantly took a liking to his style and rushed to get him on the Grand Hustle roster. They released the official mixtape in anticipation of Futuristic Leland, the full solo album due out this summer. Even this early in his career, L.A. is already continuing to evolve with that title alone, insisting that his government name will soon become the one in every household.

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